Collaborate with us!

Whether you’re a band looking for a music video, a company needing a promotional video, or a passionate individual looking to produce some high quality content… we’re interested! Don’t hesitate to contact us and get involved in the process. 

Music Videos

Music is a huge passion of ours so we’re looking to expand our reach into the music industry as we evolve. We’re committed to making edgy and entertaining videos that will drop your jaw or make you laugh.

Promotional pieces

Promotional pieces allow us to work with companies who have an exciting vision for the future. If you need a video to showcase what your business has to offer we may be able to help!

Short films

Short films are the heart of Spicy Knife, telling stories is what we do, usually written and produced in house, we’re always looking for new crew members to increase efficiency and help us develop creatively.


For us, documentaries are about people. We want to showcase the interesting, weird, and wonderful people in this world and to do so we need your help! If you have a story to tell or know someone that does, we’d love to hear all about it.